Caring for a Memory Foam Mattress


Caring for a memory foam mattress is fairly easy, but there a couple of suggestions and tricks that can help you to keep your bed in great form longer. From setup to cleaning, study this manual to learn how to protect your investment.

How to Care for a Memory Foam Mattress

There are many brands and types of cooling memory foam mattress on the market, but all have a couple of things in typical. In contrast to spring mattresses, most of these beds contain only foam (each memory foam and polyurethane foam) and need different types of support and cleaning techniques. This info can be useful to have on hand, as correct care can help your bed last longer.

Support It

The first stage is to make certain your bed has the proper type of support. A memory foam mattress demands a firm, solid foundation. A little breathability can also be useful for air circulation. A box foundation with a firm or slatted surface or perhaps a slatted platform bed base (slats no over three? apart) are each great choice. You don’t want to use a box spring or slats that are too thin or far-spaced, and the base should be in a position to support the weight of the mattress and sleepers. Also, verify the guarantee terms to ensure the producer doesn’t need the matching foundation.

Keep It Clean

Standard cleanings decrease allergens and keep your sleep atmosphere comfy. We spend hours every day on our mattresses, shedding skin cells and sweat. Dust mites feed on skin cells and multiply, and other allergens like pet dander can also accumulate. To keep your bed the cleanest, use a dust and water-resistant mattress cover whatsoever times. Each 2-3 week or more, strip and wash all bedding and covers. Utilizing a vacuum hose attachment, vacuum the surface of bed and any ticking to pick up dust and grime.

Rotate It

Even though memory foam mattresses are not meant to be flipped, they can but reap the benefits of occasional rotation. Turning the mattress 180 degrees helps it wear more evenly and minimizes impressions, particularly for couples. Generally, rotating a memory foam mattress each six month is enough, but when you are utilizing an adjustable bed or have a lower-density mattress try every three months.

Stains & Spills

If you have an accident, it’s essential to know how to clean your memory foam mattress to stop harm. First, instantly remove bedding and mattress covers if feasible. Second, use an absorbent towel or paper towels to soak up as a lot of the liquid as you possibly can. Subsequent, add a couple drops of dish soap to a bucket of warm water. Utilizing a light moistened washcloth, work in the outside of the stain inward, dabbing it away while applying as small soapy water as you possibly can. Once the stain is out, once drier the area and leave it uncovered to air dry (this may take a couple of hours to a couple days based on how wet the bed is).

Obtaining the Most Out of your Memory Foam Mattress

Probabilities are you paid a great quantity of money for the mattress, and that you want it to last as long feasible. Things like utilizing a mattress cover and turning the bed from time to time make a distinction over time and are pretty simple to do. A little maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your memory foam mattress cozy and healthy for years to come.

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